Synchronous Fireflies

Synchronous Fireflies in the Smoky Mountains

Renowned for their breathtaking natural landscapes, the Smoky Mountains boast rolling hills and cascading waterfalls that captivate visitors year-round. Yet, amidst this wilderness, one of the most enchanting spectacles emerges—the Elkmount Fireflies.

From late May to mid-June annually, the synchronous fireflies of Elkmount illuminate the night with a mesmerizing display. These fireflies belong to the rare species Photinus carolinus, the sole fireflies in North America capable of synchronizing their flashing patterns—a phenomenon that enchants all who witness it.In late April, anticipation builds as the dates for the annual Synchronous Fireflies viewing event in the Smoky Mountains are announced, signaling the beginning of an enchanting spectacle. As nature enthusiasts eagerly await the chance to witness this mesmerizing phenomenon, the lottery for vehicle passes opens, offering lucky attendees the opportunity to experience the magic firsthand. The buzz continues into early May as the lottery period draws to a close, with hopeful participants vying for their chance to secure a coveted spot amidst the glow of the synchronous fireflies.

By mid-May, excitement reaches its peak as lottery applicants anxiously await notification of their application status. Whether successful or not, the anticipation of the upcoming event heightens as attendees eagerly prepare for the possibility of witnessing nature's illuminated symphony. As June approaches, the stage is set for the highly anticipated annual firefly viewing opportunity, with specific dates yet to be determined. Against the backdrop of the Smoky Mountains, visitors from near and far will gather to marvel at the synchronized dance of the fireflies, creating an unforgettable experience immersed in the natural wonder of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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2024 Timeline Outline:
Late April: Announcement of firefly viewing dates and opening of vehicle pass lottery.
Early May: Closure of vehicle pass lottery.
Mid May: Notification sent to all lottery applicants regarding application outcomes.
June: Annual firefly viewing event, with specific dates to be determined.

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