Unforgettable Adventures in the Smoky Mountains

Unleash Your Inner Thrill Seeker: Unforgettable Adventures in the Smoky Mountains.

Unforgettable Adventures in the Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains, with their spectacular scenery and abundant natural beauty, provide more than just an escape for nature lovers. They also provide thrill seekers in search of excitement and adventure with a playground packed with adrenaline. The Smokies have a variety of attractions that will set your heart racing and leave you with memories to last a lifetime if you're the type of person that lives on heart-pounding adventures. Let's get started with the Smoky Mountain attractions that will quench your hunger for adventure.

Ziplining Journeys
While ziplining, soar through the treetops and take in expansive vistas of the Alps. There are a number of zipline trips available in the Smoky Mountains that let you soar above the forest floor as you move from platform to platform. As you go through the lush canopy and take in the breathtaking sight below, feel the breeze on your hair.

White Water Rafting
Try white water rafting on the exhilarating rapids of the Smoky Mountain rivers for an exhilarating water adventure. You will be led by experienced guides through the thrilling turns and twists, providing a crazy journey that will leave you both wet and energized.

Rides on Mountain Coasters
Take a ride on a mountain coaster to see the mountains in a completely different light. You'll be beaming from ear to ear as you whirl through the woods on these unusual roller coaster rides that offer a satisfying combination of speed, twists, and turns.

Off-Road and ATV Tours
With ATV and off-road tours, get off the usual path and discover rough terrain. You may experience the backcountry on guided trips, where you can take on difficult tracks and experience the rush of off-roading.

A View from Skydiving
Think of falling out of a plane when the breathtaking Smoky Mountains are spread out below you. The Smokies offer an unrivaled opportunity to experience skydiving for a truly one-of-a-kind way to view the scenery.

Dollywood: Theme Park Thrills
For a perfect blend of entertainment and adventure, head to Dollywood, a renowned theme park nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. With a variety of roller coasters, water rides, live entertainment, and themed areas, Dollywood promises a day of non-stop excitement and family-friendly fun.

The Smoky Mountains have something to offer every thrill seeker, whether they are looking for the rush of wind on their faces, the thunder of rapids, or the challenge of scaling heights. These attractions satiate your desire for adventure while allowing you to take in the natural delights of the area. So prepare yourself and be ready to create lifelong memories in the heart of the Smokies.