Discover the Magic of Dollywood: Tips and Tricks

Dollywood in Pigeon Forge

Discover the Magic of Dollywood: Tips and Tricks

In the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Dollywood Theme Park is a beloved destination for tourists and locals alike. With its combination of thrilling rides, world-class entertainment and Southern charm, Dollywood offers something for everyone.

History of Dollywood
Dollywood was opened in 1986 by country music superstar Dolly Parton. Originally known as Silver Dollar City, the park was owned by the Herschend family, who also operated Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. When Dolly Parton became involved in the park, it was renamed Dollywood and underwent a major renovation.
Since its opening, Dollywood has continued to expand and evolve. Today, it is one of the most popular theme parks in the United States, attracting more than three million visitors each year!

Thrill Rides
For thrill-seekers, Dollywood offers a wide variety of rides to satisfy even the most adventurous spirit. The Lightning Rod, for example, is the world's fastest wooden roller coaster, reaching speeds of up to 73 miles per hour. The Wild Eagle, on the other hand, is a steel coaster that takes riders on a 21-story drop and features a unique "winged" design that makes riders feel like they're soaring through the air. Other notable rides at Dollywood include the FireChaser Express, a family-friendly coaster that combines both forward and backward motion, and the Drop Line, a 200-foot-tall tower that drops riders at speeds of up to 77 miles per hour.

Fun for Toddlers!
Discover some fantastic rides that are perfect for your little ones! Check out Busy Bees, Lucky Ducky, Piggy Parade, and Frogs & Fireflies. These rides are designed to offer a fun and safe experience for kids, ensuring they have a blast during their visit to Dollywood.

Let’s Eat!
Indulge in a Variety of Dining Options at the Park If you're worried about going hungry during your visit to Dollywood, worry no more! The park offers a vast selection of dining options to suit every taste and craving. From classic Southern dishes to quick snacks, here's a list of all the dining experiences available at the park: [Insert list of all dining options available at Dollywood]. Dollywood Theme Park | Restaurants and Eats for the Whole Family | Dollywood Parks & Resorts With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find something delicious to satisfy your appetite.

Experience Convenience with the Trolley
Why stress over driving to Dollywood and dealing with the steep parking charges when you can take the trolley instead? Hop on the Pigeon Forge Trolley from any location along the parkway, and you'll arrive at Dollywood within minutes. The best part? It only costs $1 per person, allowing you to save money while avoiding the hassle of finding a spot in the crowded parking area. Choosing the trolley is an easy and convenient way to get to the park.
NOTE: daily parking at the park is $25.00

Dollywood App
Download the Dollywood App for Your Ultimate Park Experience Enhance your visit to Dollywood by downloading the Dollywood app beforehand. This smartphone application provides various useful features, including digital tickets and passes, helpful park maps, and up-to-date show schedules. Additionally, the app offers real-time updates on ride wait times, enabling you to plan your day better. For instance, you can skip a 30-minute wait and opt for a nearby ride with a five-minute wait time. Download the Dollywood app today and enjoy the ultimate park experience!

2024 Operating Calendar
Before planning your trip to Dollywood, it's crucial to check the 2024 operating calendar to confirm that the park is open on the dates you wish to visit. Moreover, don't miss out on the fun festivities happening throughout the year. These special events are an excellent way to enhance your experience and make your visit even more memorable!
Pro Tip: If you're looking to avoid crowds, Thursdays are often noted to be less busy. So, if you're flexible with your schedule, consider visiting the park on a Thursday for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Plan your visit accordingly and get ready for an exciting adventure at Dollywood!

Ready for an exciting adventure at Dollywood? The best part is that the more days you plan to visit, the more savings you'll enjoy. So, whether you're coming for a single day or multiple days of fun, book your tickets early and online for an unforgettable experience at Dollywood!

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