COVID-19 Preparedness


Keeping You Safe During COVID-19!

Thank you for choosing Jackson Mountain Homes for your dream vacation! It is our goal that your vacation is a great and memorable one. Safety is our number one concern, as such we are taking extra efforts to protect you during these unprecedented times.

Our priority is keeping our guests as safe as possible so you can enjoy yourselves during your stay with us. Many vacationers are experiencing undue stress due to COVID-19 and we at Jackson Mountain Homes are trying to alleviate any anxiety that you might have.


Health and Hygiene

Our new housekeeping standards provide safer, cleaner protections for your peace of mind. Our new protocols include:

Disinfecting Surfaces; Light switches, door knobs, counter tops and other highly used contact surfaces.

Personal Protection; Our employees are using personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks when cleaning and inspecting our properties to minimize any potential risks to our guests.

Employee Responsibility; Our teams are receiving ongoing updates and enhanced operating protocols to comply with CDC guidelines as they change and adapt. Any employee that is experience symptoms that could potentially relate to the COVID-19 outbreak is being tested and is required to work remotely.

Local Updates

It is always best to go directly to the source for COVID-19 updates. Please is a list of state information in our property locations for you.


South Carolina


New Mexico



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As always we hope you stay safe during these times. If you would like to book your reservations please contact us: